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Lower Wall Cabinets

The thought of an open kitchen floor plan is becoming more and more popular. This floor plan consists of fewer cabinets and exposed walls. Some people may ask why that would become popular? Where would I store all of my dishes and utensils?

Installing an island in the middle of your kitchen could serve as a replacement for those lower wall cabinets, but you may need even more storage. Purchasing furniture-style portable storage units may help in this case.

Whether you are looking to remodel your kitchen, or want more options of rearranging your kitchen we recommend not completely eliminating all of the lower wall cabinets you may have, and here's why.

The lower wall cabinets in your kitchen hide unwanted but necessary things in your home. Pipes, water hoses and maybe even wires are usually hidden inside of your lower wall cabinets. Without them your kitchen may start to look like a mess.

Counter tops are installed on lower wall cabinets which makes for extra work space. Whether a whole family is preparing a meal together, or a social gathering has moved to the kitchen, counter space is important. Without lower wall cabinets and their counter tops, everyone would be crowded around one island leaving little room for activities and for guests themselves.

Finally, if your home has poor insulation, lower wall cabinets act as a second barrier to keep temperatures out of your home. Lower wall cabinets can make a big difference in the temperature inside your home and possibly reduce heating and cooling bills.

For more information on benefits of lower wall cabinets, or for help on choosing which floor plan style fits you best, contact Best Way Cabinets today! Call us at (800) 931-7594.


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