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Kitchen Cabinets: 6 Tips You Should Know

Are you getting ready to remodel your kitchen? Here are 6 things you should know before you start purchasing!

1. Pick a certified brand. Look for cabinets certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association or KCMA. All of the Best Way Cabinets products are in fact KCMA certified meaning they have been put through rigorous tests of normal kitchen abuse.

2. Personalize your storage. Today's cabinets come with many personalized options including roll-out shelves or trays, pull-out trash or recycable bins, open-storage such as wine and plate racks and others. Best Way Cabinets carries all of these user-friendly add-ons and more!

3. Choose the right look. Whether you are going for a bright kitchen or a modern and chic darker look, the finish of you cabinets is important. Best Way Cabinets stocks light cabinets like Ice Shaker White as well as dark cabinets like K-Espresso.

4. Think inside the box. Not only is the exterior of the cabinet important, but the interior as well. Look for medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or plywood which will make up most cabinet interior walls and shelves. Most of our cabinets use Grade-A plywood for the interior construction.

5. Use the right screws. Be sure to fasten your cabinets to the wall with the right hardware. The last thing you'll want is a cabinet crashing down with your expensive dishware inside. Also, support wall cabinets just in case.

6. Don't ditch your old cabinets. Look near your location for programs that will accept cabinet donations.

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