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Maximize Your Kitchen Space

In today's world everyone is trying to maximize the space in their kitchen. Whether it's by remodeling, adding more cabinets or just adding extra shelves and roll out trays, Best Way Cabinets can help you maximize your kitchen space!

If you are looking to maximize your space, a kitchen remodel can help you start from scratch and give you the most space. We have design planners and representatives waiting by the phones to help you with your kitchen remodel. Our kitchen cabinets are affordable, high quality and will transform any kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams.

Staying on budget is important. If you are looking to just upgrade a few cabinets to keep the cost down, no problem! We carry cabinet accessories and units that will help maximize your floor space:

  • Use our trash can drawers to hide those trash and recycling bins from view. This will create more floor space and hide those unwanted items.
  • Store plates in our plate racks rather than stacked in cabinets. These racks hang on the wall and can be placed virtually anywhere. This will create more room inside of your cabinets!
  • Whether than keeping your wine in a standing rack, use one of our hanging wine rack shelves. Like the plate racks, they can be hung anywhere in your kitchen or even dining room and create more floor space.
  • Roll out trays can create more space inside of your cabinets while also allowing you access to the items in the way back. Also, they are easy to install!
  • Take advantage of our taller cabinets such as our pantry cabinets. This gives you a full height cabinet with the most room.

All of our kitchen cabinets come in a variety of high quality finishes from whites to dark browns. If you have any questions or would like to talk to one of our representatives, give us a call at (800) 931-7594 today!

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