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Get Your Kitchen Ready for Spring

Spring is right around the corner, and even if it happens to be snowy and cold where you live, just remember, only a few weeks until March! Here are a few tips to get your kitchen ready for spring and warmer weather.

Everyone knows about the phrase "spring cleaning" but what about spring remodeling? The holiday season is long gone and maybe you have some money saved up for summer vacations and fall festivals, but what are you to do until then? Why not think about remodeling one of the most important rooms in your home: your kitchen!

Spring colors consist of bright whites, yellows, blues and greens to match the blooming world outside. Purchasing white cabinets with accent colors is one of the brightest ideas for a spring kitchen. White cabinets not only give a sense of space, but they are great for reflecting sunshine and light onto other parts of your kitchen.

Speaking of sunshine, why not let those warm rays into your home? Plastic and heavy drapes may be layered over your windows from your winter precautions but those can go! If you still want to keep your windows covered, then think about light shades. The sun warms up the room while also providing natural light that gives a calming and lively feel.

You may have brought out the extra rugs for winter but spring is on the way. It's time to pack those rugs in storage and possibly install new hardwood, tile, or linoleum flooring. Carpets can seal in moisture and odors on those hot or humid spring and summer days.

Traffic in your kitchen grows as the days become warmer so why not replace your cabinets with fully functional cabinets. Pull out drawers and hidden racks will become useful to pack small appliances, trash bins and other unwanted items that usually clutter your counter tops. Open up your kitchen by having open counters and beautiful cabinets.


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