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Beyond the Kitchen

Cabinets are a big part of your home decor. Whether it's remodeling your kitchen, adding more cabinets in your bathroom or extending the beauty of the cabinets to another functional space, you can place cabinets virtually anywhere. If you already have the kitchen of your dreams, there is no need to worry. The cabinets at Best Way Cabinets can be placed in any room within your home. Not only are they made with solid wood and sturdy shelving but they can withstand use over time. Here are a few other places you can incorporate our beautiful cabinetry.

Today a lot of kitchens are built with an open floor plan that invites company in from rooms like a great room or family room. Why not create a cohesive flow by bringing some of your kitchen cabinets into one of these rooms. Other than the kitchen, these rooms tend to gather a lot of attention and traffic. Show off your cabinets by using them in a functional way to store items within the great room.

Have you been putting off your basement? Media room and home offices are usually located in the basement of homes. Placing cabinets within these rooms help store unwanted messes and files. Place games, electronics and much more inside of our high quality cabinets.

Dress up your washer and dryer by placing cabinets in your mudroom or laundry room. Place wall cabinets in entry ways to store unused items to clean up the clutter of this common walkway. We offer a variety of finishes and different designs of wall cabinets to make your other rooms look unique. Our experts will work with you to help create a floor plan that will fit the style, functionality and budget you may have.

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