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  • 4 New Finishes

    Best Way Cabinets is proud to announce that we now have products available in 4 new Diamond finishes: Gramercy White, Gramercy Midnight, Uptown White, and Downtown Dark! These finish colors were chosen by popular demand and are now available to everyone! All of these colors are unique and different than any other finishes we have had yet!

    Gramercy White and Uptown White are both a beautiful white color with their own touch of design. While on the other hand, Gramercy Midnight and Downtown Dark have a bold black color to them, also having their own unique designs to make them different.

    Whether you choose to go with an elegant, white finish or a bold, black finish, we can't wait to see these awesome new products being sent out to your homes!


  • Lower Wall Cabinets

    The thought of an open kitchen floor plan is becoming more and more popular. This floor plan consists of fewer cabinets and exposed walls. Some people may ask why that would become popular? Where would I store all of my dishes and utensils?

    Installing an island in the middle of your kitchen could serve as a replacement for those lower wall cabinets, but you may need even more storage. Purchasing furniture-style portable storage units may help in this case.

    Whether you are looking to remodel your kitchen, or want more options of rearranging your kitchen we recommend not completely eliminating all of the lower wall cabinets you may have, and here's why.

    The lower wall cabinets in your kitchen hide unwanted but necessary things in your home. Pipes, water hoses and maybe even wires are usually hidden inside of your lower wall cabinets. Without them your kitchen may start to look like a mess.

    Counter tops are installed on lower wall cabinets which makes for extra work space. Whether a whole family is preparing a meal together, or a social gathering has moved to the kitchen, counter space is important. Without lower wall cabinets and their counter tops, everyone would be crowded around one island leaving little room for activities and for guests themselves.

    Finally, if your home has poor insulation, lower wall cabinets act as a second barrier to keep temperatures out of your home. Lower wall cabinets can make a big difference in the temperature inside your home and possibly reduce heating and cooling bills.

    For more information on benefits of lower wall cabinets, or for help on choosing which floor plan style fits you best, contact Best Way Cabinets today! Call us at (800) 931-7594.


  • KCMA Certified

    Did you know that all of our kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities are KCMA Certified? The Kitchen Cabinet Association Certification Program assures that our customers are getting tested, and complied with rigorous standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Best Way Cabinets has put all of our kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities through 13 different tests and passed them all!

    1. Cabinet shelves and bottoms are loaded at 15 pounds per square foot to ensure no excessive deflection or joint failure on the cabinet or mounting system.
    2. Installed wall cabinets are loaded with 500 pounds to ensure that the cabinet will accept net loading in compliance with ANSI A161.1-1995 requirements.
    3. A load of up to 250 pounds is applied against the inside of cabinet fronts to ensure reliable front joints.
    4. A 3 pound steel ball is "drop tested" onto shelves, cabinet bottoms and drawer bodies to ensure cabinets will withstand dropping of cans and other heavy items.
    5. Cabinet doors are impact tested by striking the center of a closed and open door with a 10 pound sand bag.
    6. Cabinet doors are weighted with 65 pounds and operated 10 times to test the ability of door and hinges to withstand loading.
    7. Each door is opened and closed for 25,000 cycles to ensure durability under the stress of normal usage in a home.
    8. Drawers and drawer mechanisms are tested at 15 pounds per square foot and operated through 25,000 opening and closing cycles to assure durability.
    9. A 3 pound weight is dropped 10 times against the drawer assembly to ensure that the drawer front assembly will withstand the impact of closing.
    10. Cabinets are cycle tested at temperatures ranging from -5° F to +120° F to ensure finish will withstand temperature changes.
    11. Cabinets are hot box tested at temperatures up 120° F to ensure finish will withstand high heat.
    12. The cabinet finish is exposed to vinegar, grape juice, olive oil, lemon juice, 100 proof alcohol and more to ensure no appreciable discoloration, stain or whitening of the finish occurs.
    13. Finally, a 24-hour soap and water solution test checks the finish's ability to withstand exposure to detergents and moisture.

    For more information about the KCMA or the testing, visit their official website.

  • Kitchen Cabinets: 6 Tips You Should Know

    Are you getting ready to remodel your kitchen? Here are 6 things you should know before you start purchasing!

    1. Pick a certified brand. Look for cabinets certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association or KCMA. All of the Best Way Cabinets products are in fact KCMA certified meaning they have been put through rigorous tests of normal kitchen abuse.

    2. Personalize your storage. Today's cabinets come with many personalized options including roll-out shelves or trays, pull-out trash or recycable bins, open-storage such as wine and plate racks and others. Best Way Cabinets carries all of these user-friendly add-ons and more!

    3. Choose the right look. Whether you are going for a bright kitchen or a modern and chic darker look, the finish of you cabinets is important. Best Way Cabinets stocks light cabinets like Ice Shaker White as well as dark cabinets like K-Espresso.

    4. Think inside the box. Not only is the exterior of the cabinet important, but the interior as well. Look for medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or plywood which will make up most cabinet interior walls and shelves. Most of our cabinets use Grade-A plywood for the interior construction.

    5. Use the right screws. Be sure to fasten your cabinets to the wall with the right hardware. The last thing you'll want is a cabinet crashing down with your expensive dishware inside. Also, support wall cabinets just in case.

    6. Don't ditch your old cabinets. Look near your location for programs that will accept cabinet donations.

    For more information on kitchen remodeling and cabinets, visit our online store at

  • Get Your Kitchen Ready for Spring

    Spring is right around the corner, and even if it happens to be snowy and cold where you live, just remember, only a few weeks until March! Here are a few tips to get your kitchen ready for spring and warmer weather.

    Everyone knows about the phrase "spring cleaning" but what about spring remodeling? The holiday season is long gone and maybe you have some money saved up for summer vacations and fall festivals, but what are you to do until then? Why not think about remodeling one of the most important rooms in your home: your kitchen!

    Spring colors consist of bright whites, yellows, blues and greens to match the blooming world outside. Purchasing white cabinets with accent colors is one of the brightest ideas for a spring kitchen. White cabinets not only give a sense of space, but they are great for reflecting sunshine and light onto other parts of your kitchen.

    Speaking of sunshine, why not let those warm rays into your home? Plastic and heavy drapes may be layered over your windows from your winter precautions but those can go! If you still want to keep your windows covered, then think about light shades. The sun warms up the room while also providing natural light that gives a calming and lively feel.

    You may have brought out the extra rugs for winter but spring is on the way. It's time to pack those rugs in storage and possibly install new hardwood, tile, or linoleum flooring. Carpets can seal in moisture and odors on those hot or humid spring and summer days.

    Traffic in your kitchen grows as the days become warmer so why not replace your cabinets with fully functional cabinets. Pull out drawers and hidden racks will become useful to pack small appliances, trash bins and other unwanted items that usually clutter your counter tops. Open up your kitchen by having open counters and beautiful cabinets.


  • 4 Important Kitchen Design Tips

    When designing or remodeling a kitchen, choosing the cabinetry is one of the most important decisions. The cabinets are the base that will determine the style, feel and layout of your kitchen. While remodeling, you may just use the previous layout for a more affordable approach, but when you are designing a brand new kitchen, the possibilities are endless. Choices from color, wood type, materials, details, cabinet accessories and finish of the cabinets are all important decisions as well as size and shape. Here are four important aspects to consider when choosing kitchen cabinets for your home.

    1.) Quality: Regardless of how stylish a cabinet is, the quality of the product will shine through and be the ultimate feature. If you have a choice between the number of cabinets or the quality of your cabinets, the better choice is to choose quality over quantity. Here at Best Way Cabinets, almost all of our kitchen cabinets are made of solid wood like oak, maple and birch. Along with the quality of the cabinet, cabinet accessories are a great feature as well. Choose high quality runners for drawers and premium hinges for cabinet doors. We even offer soft-close doors which are a great functional addition to the cabinets, all at an affordable price!

    2.) Symmetry: Make your kitchen visually pleasing with a simple and symmetrical design. Use matching drawer widths, as well as cabinet widths. Be sure to line up your wall cabinets with the base cabinets so the design isn't staggered. Take advantage of our free kitchen design planner to help you get started on the design and layout of your new kitchen!

    3.) Light & Bright: Don't overtake your kitchen with dark colors and no windows. Many kitchens take in a light and bright design with lots of window space and an open feel. Many people keep their kitchens looking bright by purchasing white kitchen cabinets like our Ice White Shaker cabinets, Signature Pearl cabinets or Oasis cabinets. Using darker cabinets can still create a light atmosphere by incorporating bright colors and natural light into the design.

    4.) Multitasking: Finally, be sure to keep in mind the functionality of your kitchen as a whole. Your kitchen design should be versatile and open, ready to host multiple family activities as well as multiple family members. If you have the space, think about adding a center island with cabinets, have lots of counter space for not only small appliances but to also prep food for meals. Arrange your cabinets to provide wide traffic paths that connect to other rooms of your home.

    Keeping all of this in mind while staying within budget can get stressful, which is why we have representatives on standby waiting to hear from you! We will work with you to design the kitchen of your dreams all while provide you excellent service and affordable prices! Be sure to speak to one of our representatives today if you have any questions. Call us at (800) 931-7594!

  • Maximize Your Kitchen Space

    In today's world everyone is trying to maximize the space in their kitchen. Whether it's by remodeling, adding more cabinets or just adding extra shelves and roll out trays, Best Way Cabinets can help you maximize your kitchen space!

    If you are looking to maximize your space, a kitchen remodel can help you start from scratch and give you the most space. We have design planners and representatives waiting by the phones to help you with your kitchen remodel. Our kitchen cabinets are affordable, high quality and will transform any kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams.

    Staying on budget is important. If you are looking to just upgrade a few cabinets to keep the cost down, no problem! We carry cabinet accessories and units that will help maximize your floor space:

    • Use our trash can drawers to hide those trash and recycling bins from view. This will create more floor space and hide those unwanted items.
    • Store plates in our plate racks rather than stacked in cabinets. These racks hang on the wall and can be placed virtually anywhere. This will create more room inside of your cabinets!
    • Whether than keeping your wine in a standing rack, use one of our hanging wine rack shelves. Like the plate racks, they can be hung anywhere in your kitchen or even dining room and create more floor space.
    • Roll out trays can create more space inside of your cabinets while also allowing you access to the items in the way back. Also, they are easy to install!
    • Take advantage of our taller cabinets such as our pantry cabinets. This gives you a full height cabinet with the most room.

    All of our kitchen cabinets come in a variety of high quality finishes from whites to dark browns. If you have any questions or would like to talk to one of our representatives, give us a call at (800) 931-7594 today!

  • Beyond the Kitchen

    Cabinets are a big part of your home decor. Whether it's remodeling your kitchen, adding more cabinets in your bathroom or extending the beauty of the cabinets to another functional space, you can place cabinets virtually anywhere. If you already have the kitchen of your dreams, there is no need to worry. The cabinets at Best Way Cabinets can be placed in any room within your home. Not only are they made with solid wood and sturdy shelving but they can withstand use over time. Here are a few other places you can incorporate our beautiful cabinetry.

    Today a lot of kitchens are built with an open floor plan that invites company in from rooms like a great room or family room. Why not create a cohesive flow by bringing some of your kitchen cabinets into one of these rooms. Other than the kitchen, these rooms tend to gather a lot of attention and traffic. Show off your cabinets by using them in a functional way to store items within the great room.

    Have you been putting off your basement? Media room and home offices are usually located in the basement of homes. Placing cabinets within these rooms help store unwanted messes and files. Place games, electronics and much more inside of our high quality cabinets.

    Dress up your washer and dryer by placing cabinets in your mudroom or laundry room. Place wall cabinets in entry ways to store unused items to clean up the clutter of this common walkway. We offer a variety of finishes and different designs of wall cabinets to make your other rooms look unique. Our experts will work with you to help create a floor plan that will fit the style, functionality and budget you may have.

  • MDF vs Solid Wood

    Browsing through out website, you might have noticed the different materials used in our kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Almost all of our collections are made from solid wood such as birch, maple and oak, but one collection is made from medium density fiberboard or MDF. Our popular Ice White Shaker kitchen and bathroom cabinets is made of MDF, which is an alternative to a solid wood construction. Most people prefer solid wood over MDF but the reality is that MDF is just as good as the rest.

    Solid wood has many great features such as being strong, durable and is beautiful when finished, but there are a few downfalls. When heat and humidity are factors, solid wood can contract and expand due to the constructions of these solid wood cabinets. If these conditions aren't controlled, cabinet doors and panels can shrink, crack or even buckle.

    MDF is a high grade, composite material made from recycled wood fibers and resin. It is machine dried and pressed to produce dense and stable sheets which outperforms solid wood in many areas.

    MDF is more stable than solid wood because it can withstand changes in heat and humidity. Using solid wood can be a problem for bathrooms because of the high humidity rates and heat from showers and baths.

    Construction of these cabinets are different between MDF and solid wood. Solid wood painted cabinet doors are made from a five-piece construction or cope and stick joinery. Four frame pieces and the center panel are joined together to form a door, while MDF cabinet doors are made of one frame piece and one center panel. Simply put, the less pieces there are, it is easier to build and the doors tend to be more durable.

    Consider these factors when you are choosing your kitchen or bathroom cabinets from Best Way Cabinets. If you have any questions about our cabinet collections, call us at (800) 931-7594

  • January Special

    Don't forget to take advantage of our January Special! Take 10% off all orders for the month of January! Door samples are excluded from this special. Use the promo code: JAN15

    This time of the year is when most people are strapped for cash. Whether its because they are waiting for taxes or they had one too many shopping sprees during the holiday season. We have financing available for those who want to start a remodel but are waiting because of time or cost. Visit our site to learn more about our financing options or call us at (800) 931-7594

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